Growing up, one of my favorite chapters in social studies class was when we got to study Native American history and culture. Having gone to a very small, private school, it seemed like we studied the same things at the same times of the year, every year, (Budget restrictions? Textbook limitations? Who knows?) so it seemed like every year at the end of winter, beginning of spring (sometime around my birthday), we would study the Native Americans.

In third grade, I had to do a project on the Anasazi Pueblo and I remember thinking that the culture was SO COOL because the population lived in complex cave-like housing in the southwest and most of their culture still remained a mystery. (I think the mysterious part is really what got me.) So, you can only imagine my excitement when I observed in several fashion magazines that Native American & Indigenous style has gone mainstream into mode. Okay, okay, I know this is a slippery slope. We must maintain a certain level of respect for all cultures and not make frivolity out of ancient tradition. As Nelly Furtado croons in Powerless, "Now it's moccasins we sport//We take the culture and contort," it is easy to take certain anthropological mainstays for granted. However, I think that if we respect art and design for being art and design and honor its origins, it makes us more educated on its history. In this case, it also makes for amazing fashion.

These are some of my favorite Indigenous-inspired items:

From top: Minnetonka Thunderbird Softsole from Zappos; Fringed Shawl Cardigan from Forever 21; Pendleton 3-Pocket Keeper Wristlet from Urban Outfitters; Yuma Cardigan from Anthropologie; Dream Catcher Pendant Necklace Forever 21; Peruvian Nights Hat from Lucky Brand


  1. OK...your first sentence? Could've most defintiely been written by ME!!!
    And the mocs? Oh my gosh...wore them constantly from like the '70's into the '80's!!! We are kindred spirits.

  2. I have two pairs! Ankle booties and ones with peace signs. Was I born in the wrong era? And, my mom told me ALL about your secret codes. Santa DID bring me the gloves for Christmas, but apparently he knew about them before the blog post. I guess I liked them so much that I mentioned "Tuscan Olive J.Crew Gloves" three times in one day. So much for subtle hints. :)

  3. LOL!! Ahhh....I'm BUSTED!
    That Loft sweater is now on-sale ...50% off...I almost got one myself, but they were much too "picked through" by the time I got there.