boas festas

Because I've been spending most of my time in Anthropologie these past weeks (5 out of 7 days, the other two at my other job) I think it's only fair to mention about the AMAZING playlist that serenades the store! I think there's about four or five mixes that play on repeat, with a healthy mix of not-so-traditional holiday music and the usual, Anthro toned down pop rock--Elizabeth and the Catapult, Fleet Foxes, Simon & Garfunkel. What's on the not-so-traditional holiday part? A version of Deck the Halls in Portuguese! A Christmas Mambo! A French lullaby! (Maybe the only reason I haven't gotten tired of listening to the same music over and over is because I wait to hear the beachy holiday delight that is "Natal é Harmonia."

I leave you with another Brazilian holiday classic: Boas Festas (Happy Holidays)

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