I never took a statistics class because I'd be too afraid I'd do so poorly in it. I wouldn't do well not because of my fear of math (I did get a near-perfect score on the SAT math section) nor because of my hate of it (Arabic is quite algebraic, you know.) I wouldn't do well because I have a hard time wrapping my head around statistics in general. "The odds of this happening are a million to one.." Well, guess what? I'm always that one. I'm always the one number that defies the odds. And, I know, this is a very dramatic thing to say, but at least twice a day, I step back from a situation and say, "What are the odds?"

In other (or possibly related) news, the LSAT went well! I can't say anything more about it because I'll get in trouble, but let's hope I had a lucky Saturday! Now I can be a real person again.

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