animals not allowed

Blah blah blah dietary restrictions blah blah blah. That's what I heard in March, when my doctor told me that I wasn't allowed to eat red meat or cheese for three months to help lower my unusually high (well, not unusually; this is coming from a girl who would eat sausage for breakfast, ham for lunch, and steak for dinner) cholesterol levels. So, the challenge began. No meat/cheese for three months, "unless [I] really had to," said the doctor. And I did restrict it for three months. I would go two weeks without having either and then all of a sudden accidentally eat the shredded cheese on the salad or cave into a craving for ice cream. But then I'd return to my restrictions until another accidental break.

So, this brings me to two weeks ago, when my three month sentence was up. I hadn't gone to the doctor, but I decided to start eating meat (and related animal products) again. So there I went. I ate pork and brie and apple pie without abandon. (Not all together, at once, I assure you.) I felt awful. Not morally or mentally, but physically. My insides burned, my head ached, my stomach puffed out, and I became exhausted. After three months of going to bed early and waking up early and going through the day feeling refreshed and happy, I slept till 12:30 both days on the weekend. What a waste of time, says my inner vegetarian. I gorged myself in pizza, which I found to be less tasty than I had remembered, and cured meats, that hadn't given me the same satisfaction as they had given me a year ago. What was wrong with me? So here I was, sitting on the edge of my bed, stomach extended, feeling stupid and sluggish. Had these vegetarians been on to something? When I didn't eat animal products, I felt clear and sound. I could recall anything I had ever been taught (okay, this is an exaggeration, but I definitely had more "on" days than "off.") Could it be true that animals were ruining my brain?

Okay, okay. I know how I sound. Here's selfish Kristi Columbus, a tasty animal eater who could care less about the welfare of animals. I do care about animals! I do care about their welfare! Especially the little pigs; they're the cute ones, and unfortunately, to me, the most delicious. So, I have come to this conclusion: For the rest of summer, I will not eat any meat or dairy and I will see how I feel. (However, this does not exclude fish and sea creatures.) Extreme? Yes. Insane? Maybe. I'm just willing to see how long I survive, without the option of "cheating" or failure. Thus it begins, no animals until September first.

Updates will follow.

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    Vegetarianism, I always tried to be vegetarian, but the barbecue with friends on Sunday will not let me stop eating meat, but my obsession not to ingest these fats, calories exaggeration led me to have multiple eating disorders, now I do not eat almost nothing. My advice for life is not really eat things that do harm to their health, but never forget to eat what you like!