So, I'm alive! I've just been super busy. My summer program has come to an end and I'm starting to get my life in order. Cross your fingers for upcoming interviews! I have been living a (mostly) vegan lifestyle--except for the time mom accidentally fed me pesto sauce with cheese in it--for about two months. This may change, not by choice but by sheer abundance of food at a wedding I'm attending tomorrow night!

One of the things I've wanted to do all summer but I haven't had a chance yet to do so, is to paint my bedroom. As of late, I've been camping out in the guest room because 1) it has an air conditioner and 2) my real bedroom is too messy to inhabit. That was hard to admit. Plans for the upcoming week: Tomorrow night, wedding. Next night, party. Following few days, roadtrip upstate. After that, interview. Finally, paint my bedroom?! Wish me luck.

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