The problem with frequent long-term traveling is that when you're packing for a short-term trip, you tend to bring too much or not enough. 27 shirts for 2 and 1/2 weeks in Argentina seems a little excessive, doesn't it?

Mom: "But what if you sweat?!"
Me: "They have a washing machine!"
Mom: "Bring it just in case."

(This scenario happened with about fifteen different things.)

The last time I was in Argentina, it was winter there, and I wore all my clothes at once to keep myself warm. I was vastly unprepared for the cold weather and looked like a ragdoll, with colors that did not match and clashing prints, layer upon layer. While packing, it's hard to separate what I know about rural Argentina and what I would like to fantasize about rural Argentina. We all have these visions of South America in the summertime as Brazilian carnival with bright colors, little bikinis, and loud music. Think more horses, dirt, and dry heat than flashing lights, drums, and neon brights.

Whatever, I still have hope that I'll be able to wear the electric pink miniskirt at least once.

Rio Ceballos, Cordoba, Argentina - Winter - July 2008

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  1. This is it...one chance...bring the mini-skirt, wear the mini-skirt!! ;)

    Have a safe & WONDERFUL trip!!
    Catch you on the other side of 2009! ;)
    Tricia, Frank & Lil' K