cinco días & counting..

After much deliberation (and hesitation), today I decided to dye my hair (again)! I have been flipping through quite a few shades in the past 6 months, but I'm still trying to find my identity after being bleach-blond for almost five years.

My hair is now a dark chocolate-raspberry color. The base is almost a black-brown and there's reddish highlights throughout. The color is off in the photo because of the grey day today. Also, I'm kind of pasty now but that's only because it's been raining in New York for a whole month. I can't wait for the sunshine in Spain. :)

Also, today I bought two straw fedora hats to keep my head shaded for the aforementioned sun. One, a bleached braided straw one with a thick brown band from the mall and a grey, tighter-woven hat with a twisted black band from Ooh La La, my favorite store in my hometown. I'm so excited. With my new hair and new hats, my head will be very happy.


  1. ooh la la i love the new color! this would also mean that I haven't seen you since February which needs to change ;p

  2. thank you! i look like a vampire in the picture, though. mmn, when i get back from europe i need to see you :)